Nuts & Bolts Penetrant

Nuts & Bolts Penetrant


Multi--Purpose, heavy duty aerosol Penetrant & Release Agent.

Applications: nuts, bolts, mufflers, air driven tools, shackles, removing taps, shackles, engines, motors, plumbing, assemblies, rusty arbors, jammed locks, gauges and valves, welding, pipelines, drilling rigs.


  • Non-Flammable* Penetrant & Release Agent:
  • Ideal for welding areas, boiler rooms & around runningmachinery.
  • Immediate Action:Immediately penetrates grease, sludge, dirt for easyrelease – also cuts rust, red or white lead, tar, carbondeposits without part injury.
  • Penetrates Completely Into Close Tolerances.
  • Reduces Straining & Breakage of Parts: Reduces torque stress during parts removal.
  • Provides a light lubricant film to prevent seizing.
  • Protects against future rust & corrosion.
  • Authorized for use in meat & poultry plants

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